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Top 10 tourist trekking places in India

  Top 10 tourist trekking places in India If it is said that trekking is one of the most popular adventure sports in India, which is world-famous, then it is probably not wrong to say that. India offers more than one trek route for its tourists, which are full of different adventures and these treks are easy to extremely difficult. Trekking on these exciting treks of India can be a memorable experience of your life, which gives you a high adrenaline rush and a chance to get closer to the wonders of nature. A mixture of flora, fauna, man-made structures, cultural experiences can be seen in such treks. If you too are looking for such amazing and thrilling trek routes, then you must read the " Top 10 tourist trekking places in India" article for complete information about the major and thrilling trek routes of India.   Gomukh Tapovan tourist Trek in India The Gomukh Tapovan trek can be termed as the best trekking destination in India, as it offers amazing tourist spots