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State-wise Top 5 tourist places in India

State-wise Top 5 tourist places in India India is the seventh-largest country in the world, stretching from the high mountains of the Himalayas to the tropical greenery of Kerala and from the sacred Ganges to the sands of the Thar Desert. Its inhabitants are divided into two thousand ethnic groups and more than 200 different languages ​​ are spoken here. India is always on the list of best holiday tours. There are many famous tourist places in India - State wise Top 5 tourist places in India due to which India has got a different identity. This will amaze you to go for travel in India. so let's start to talk about everything that you want to know as a travel lover Andhra Pradesh The state of Andhra Pradesh is located near the Krishna and Godavari rivers in South India. Please tell that Andhra Pradesh is the 29th state of India. This beautiful state of India is very famous for its religious temples, historical buildings, natural places, and marine cen