Scary stories of ancient tourist places in India

Scary stories of ancient tourist places in India

Scary stories of ancient tourist places in India

You must have heard a lot of Scary stories or horror stories, ghostly and horror films but today we talk about  "Scary stories of ancient tourist places in India". Whether there are ghosts or not, everyone believes it to be their own; some believe it to be a reality, and some believe it to be a story only. But today we are going to tell you about some places in India which have always been mysterious to people, where people are afraid to go even today because here There is always an event on which it is not possible for everyone to believe.

so let's start "Scary stories of ancient tourist places in India"

Scary stories of Jamali-Kamali Mosque - Mehrauli, Delhi

Scary stories of ancient tourist places in India

Regarding this place, people believe that there are jinn living here, this mosque is located in Mehrauli, Delhi, it was built in 1528-1529. Here the tomb of the famous 16th century Sufi saint Jamali and Kamali is located. Many people have had very terrible and scary experiences here. This mosque is made of red-colored stones and marble. There are two graves in this mosque, one of Sant Jamali and the other of Saint Kamali. The mystery of this mosque has not been revealed till date.

Scary stories of Bhangarh Fort - Alwar, Rajasthan

Scary stories of ancient tourist places in India

This fort is located in Alwar district of Rajasthan state. Bhangarh Fort is considered to be the most frightening and haunting of all haunted places in India. It is also called the bastion of ghosts. People here say that after 12 o'clock in the night, ghosts hover here. This is the reason why you want to stay in this fort at night. If a person stops here at night, then he dies.

According to the people here, the village of Bhangarh flourished in the 16th century, people lived in Bhangarh here for nearly 300 years. But according to a story, due to the curse of a tantric, the princess (princes) and all the bhangarh residents died, whose soul wanders here even today.

Scary stories of Kuldhara Village - Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

Scary stories of ancient tourist places in India

This Kuldhara village of Rajasthan has been deserted for almost 170 years. Kuldhara village used to be of Paliwal Brahmins. Thousands of people escaped from this village because of saving their girl from a village and escaped the place and cursed them. Since then, no human has settled here. The visitors who come here believe that even today there is a feeling of someone being here. The sound of anklets and bangles of women is still felt today.

Scary stories of Cantt Area of ​​Delhi

Scary stories of ancient tourist places in India

Delhi Cant is also full of very scary stories. People call this area even the haunt of ghosts. People say that during late night, a lady here asks for lift and something which happens to her is definitely untoward with her. People passing through here say that if they are not given a lift, then they chase the car at a fast speed which is so fast that it overtakes the car. Seeing such a dangerous view, anyone's color will stand up.

Scary stories of Vrindavan Society

Those who go to this society believe that some years ago, someone jumped from this society and gave his life. Because of which his soul still keeps roaming in this society. The guard circling at this place was also slapped with a strong invisible force. Because of this fear, any person is afraid to go to this society at night.

Scary stories of Agrasen Ki Baoli - Delhi

It is located just a short distance from Connaught Place, located in Baoli capital Delhi (Delhi). This baoli was built by Maharaja Agrasen in the 14th century. It has been preserved by the Archaeological Department of India. In ancient times, it used to be full of water, but now it is dry. A story about Agrasen's Baoli is so popular that the black water of this baoli attracts people to commit suicide, or say its water hypnotizes people. (hypnotize).

Scary stories of Ramoji Film City - Hyderabad

Scary stories of ancient tourist places in India

This Ramoji Film City located in Hyderabad is full of mysterious stories. During the shooting of the film to be done here, there are such sentences on which it is difficult to believe, such as light man falling down during shooting, light Come down and fall And the most shocking experience is of the people living in the hotel located here, such as a meeting written in Urdu on the mirror of the dressing table, scattered food. Get. There are many experiences that are told by people.

According to historians, the place where the Ramoji film the city is built, the Nizam Sultans fought very brutal battles at that place. Today it is the soul of those soldiers who make people feel their own experience here. 

Scary stories of Shaniwarwada Fort - Pune

People who go to the fort say that someone's groan is heard from the fort. According to people, the Peshwas had authority over this fort. There was an heir of the Peshwas, whose name was Prince Narayan, but the prince was murdered by the order of Prince Narayan's aunt. The prince hid here and there throughout the fort to save his life, but the murderers killed him mercilessly. Today, the sound of the same prince Narayan's groan is heard in this fort.

Scary stories of Dr. Hills - West Bengal

Located in Darjeeling city, Kursiang, West Bengal, this Dow Hill is a hill station. By the way, this place is very famous for boarding schools and tourism. But it is near Kurshiang that Dr. Dow Hill is a big mystery for the people. It is said that a large number of suicides (suicide) took place in the forests here. It is not a big deal to see the bones of human people coming here. And here people have experienced the presence of invisible power.

Scary stories of Three Kings Church - Goa

Scary stories of ancient tourist places in India

People here believe that the soul of 3 Portuguese kings keeps wandering in the Three Kings Church of Goa. People who have come to the church have also felt the condition of these souls. People say that in ancient times there were three Portuguese kings and always used to fight for their supremacy. At one time, a king named Holger invited two other kings to come to the church and King Holger fraudulently poisoned both kings. Both kings died.

When people came to know about the crafty of the king, people surrounded his palace from all sides and due to public outrage and repentance of their actions, King Holger committed suicide. People buried the dead bodies of the three kings in this church. Since then, this church has been inhabited by ghosts.

Scary stories of Braj Raj Bhawan Palace - Kota, Rajasthan

Scary stories of ancient tourist places in India

Braj Raj Bhavan itself embodies a lot of mysteries. It is said that many of the British were murdered in the Rebellion of 1857, in the same rebellion, British Major Charles Booten, who lived in the Braj Raj Bhawan Palace, was murdered. Since then, it is said that the soul of the major keeps wandering in the palace.
During the British rule, the queen of Kota also said that she too had seen the major in the hall. Today this palace has been converted into a heritage hotel. People say that even today if someone sleeps on duty, the major slaps him.

My dear readers I know you are so brave and love to adventure but I am damn sure that whenever you visit this "Scary stories of ancient tourist places in India" places you feel something which is thrilling and give Goosebumps.

but what is life without adventure and risk we are living travel lovers we are ready to check the reality behind this "Scary stories of ancient tourist places in India".

Good luck


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