Top 10 Picnic point in Mumbai, Make your weekend joyful

Hello, friends, Ganesh Chaturthi festival is now very near and as all know that it is a very important festival of Maharashtra specially in Mumbai. It is a very dear festival of Hinduism. so my best wishes, Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to all,


Today I will tell you  about Top 10 Picnic point in Mumbai so you can make your weekend joyful 

In Mumbai's crowded life, often you may want to spend the weekend at a quiet place away from the city. Therefore, whether you want to go out of town in search of adventure or spend a few moments of relaxation in the lap of nature, our list of these 10 favorite picnic spots near Mumbai will not disappoint you.

 1. Panchgani: Enjoy scenic views of nature from the finest sightseeing 

Top 10 Picnic point in Mumbai, Make your weekend joyful

Once famous as a suitable place for settlers after retirement, Panchgani has now become a prominent destination for picnics in Mumbai and Pune. Comprised of five hills and villages of the Sahyadri mountain range, Panchgani is located at a distance of 285 km from Mumbai and is famous for its hygienic climate. When you arrive here, be sure to visit Sydney Point from where you can visit Dhoom Dam; You can see the view of The Devil's Kitchen. According to mythology, this is the place where the Pandavas spent a few moments. Also, see the Parsi Point which gives you a great view of the Krishna Valley. Another interesting thing to know about Panchgani is that the volcanic plateau at the top of the five hills around this place is the second highest plateau in Asia, and comes second after the Tibetan plateau.

2. Collad: For the thrill of water sports

Top 10 picnic point in Mumbai, Make your weekend joyful

Kolad is a center of adventure in Maharashtra located in Raigad district, which is famous for white water rafting in the Kundalika River and its trekking trails. Located 121 kilometers away from Mumbai and in the Sahyadri mountain range, Kolad is full of exciting activities. Apart from rafting, there are also exciting options like canoeing, kayaking, paragliding, rappelling, rock climbing, and river zip line crossing. Waterfall rappelling and mountain biking are some of the activities that attract adventure enthusiasts to collads such as honey bees.

3. Matheran: to visit the ancient city in the quiet plains of the mountains 

Top 10 picnic point in Mumbai, Make your weekend joyful

This beautiful hill station, situated in the Western Ghats, is situated at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level and just 90 kilometers from Mumbai. This eco-sensitive area is one of the few places in the world where vehicles are not allowed to enter, due to which the atmosphere here remains calm. Here you can take a long walk in the forest areas, take a horse riding around the city, try the zip-lining between Louisa and Honeymoon Point, take in the scenic views from different locations of the entire hill station. And one can enjoy a picnic on the banks of Lake Charlotte.

4. Karnala: To get a glimpse of the rich nature and history

Top 10 picnic point in Mumbai, Make your weekend joyful

The karnala offers picnics, bird walks, scenic walks and a walk around the Karnala Fort for visitors to picnic. About 12 km from Panvel, Karnala Bird Sanctuary is a beautiful place spread over an area of ​​12.11 sq km where 150 resident birds and 37 species of migratory birds live. The Karnala Fort, built by Devagiri Yadavas and later occupied by Tughlaq is another place that you must visit. It will take you an hour to reach here by foot and by reaching this fort you can also have a great view of Mumbai harbor.

5. Lonavala: Great place to holiday

Top 10 picnic point in Mumbai, Make your weekend joyful

Just 96 kilometers away from Mumbai, this hill station is as famous for its chikki as it is famous for its scenic views. Lonavala is a very good picnic spot for Mumbaikars and is especially known for the 'points' that give picnics amazing views of the beautiful hills and valleys. Rajmachi Point is a favorite destination for many people as it offers an excellent view of Shivaji's famous fort - Rajmachi. Tigers Point, also known as Tigers Leap, is another scenic spot where tourists come and go. It is a lovely place for nature lovers with a steep slope of over 650 meters and a small waterfall flowing only during the rainy season.

 6. Mandwa: to spend a day at the beach with good food and water adventure

Top 10 picnic point in Mumbai, Make your weekend joyful

Mandwa is a cozy village situated on the banks of the sea, situated at a distance of 102 km from Mumbai. It can be reached via a ferry from the Gateway of India. It is known for its sunny beaches, great food, and water sports. Whether you come here for a day's walk or want to spend the entire weekend, you can spend your time visiting this quiet village, wandering around on the old RCF jetty; One can spend a stroll on Mandwa Beach and interact with local fishermen.

7. Elephanta Island: Visit all day to know the history of here

Top 10 Picnic point in Mumbai, Make your weekend joyful

Reachable in an hour by ferry from the Gateway of India on Elephanta Island, located 10 kilometers east of Mumbai, there are seven ancient caves with hand-made murals that resemble the caves of Ajanta and Ellora. After seeing these, you can walk on foot to Cannon Hill, on top of which the old canon is built. To see all these things you can be hungry, so you should put some food and drink in your picnic basket and find a place where you can sit comfortably and escape from the monkeys here.

8. Yeoor hills: Spend a day bouncing under the waterfalls

Top 10 picnic point in Mumbai, Make your weekend joyful

Situated in the eastern part of Sanjay Gandhi National Park, the Yeoor Hills is home to six small villages and tribals living here. This small scenic hill with springs and the dense forest area is a paradise for nature lovers who want to spend their day trekking along the forest paths. There are also a few resorts in the Yeoor Hills, a favorite of bird lovers and school children, where you can relax and enjoy a full day of delicious food. Just 25 kilometers from Mumbai, this place is a great picnic destination for Mumbaikars.

 9. Aamby Valley: For a luxurious, memorable outing with friends

Top 10 picnic point in Mumbai, Make your weekend joyful

Aamby Valley is a great option for those who like to spend a day filled with a variety of activities and adventure and can increase their budget for luxurious recreational walks. It is a luxury resort spread over an area of ​​10,000 acres with plenty of options for indoor and outdoor activities. Aamby Valley, just 30 minutes from Lonavla and 105 km from Mumbai, has a 7-star restaurant, 18-hole golf course, a fancy water park, and an exclusive section for children to keep it from running all week. Makes a perfect picnic spot for troubled Mumbaikars.

10. Sula Vineyards: Great combination of wine and sunshine

Top 10 picnic point in Mumbai, Make your weekend joyful

About 230 km from Mumbai is a Vineyard where you can feel relaxed and refreshed. If you want to experience grape-to-glass - take a full walk to vineyards and wineries, or just exclusive in-house villas - spend a few moments in Sula Beyond, perfect for a Sula Vineyard Day Trip or weekend stay there is space. Eat at Cafe Rose, the day-long dining restaurant there; Take a dip in the pool or enjoy a bicycle ride on Country Roads.

Moving towards Sula, you can take a round of the Vaitarna Dam on the Vaitarna River, also known as Modak Sagar Dam. This dam which supplies water to the city of Mumbai is in Igatpuri in Nashik district and is popular for its beautiful lagoon and enchanting surroundings. 

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So Mumbaikars, choose one of the interesting destinations from our list to prepare your picnic hamper next time and to celebrate the day-trip or weekend and get ready to forget moments of tension.


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