Gujarat, Balasinor Dinosaur Fossil Park in Ahmedabad

Gujarat is not only famous for its rich civilization - culture, arts, crafts, fairs, festivals and mouth-watering dishes. Many mysterious aspects are also hidden in the past of this state. 

Gujarat, Balasinor Dinosaur Fossil Park in Ahmedabad

Many people would not even know that Gujarat has historically been home to dinosaurs in the past. It is considered the third major fossil site of dinosaurs worldwide. It is the second-largest place in the world, where remains of dinosaur eggs have been found in large quantities. These are the same sites where the Geological Survey of India (GSI) in 1983 stopped a spot while surveying the area for excavation of geological minerals when they found the remains of dinosaurs there. In 1983, the remains of 10,000 eggs of dinosaurs were found here. Fossil scientists (paleontologists) found dinosaur fossils and eggs while digging in the village of Raioli in Balasinor, which is considered to be the world's second-largest fossil site to date.

Balasinor was a princely state of central Gujarat, 90 km from Ahmedabad. The remains of various dinosaur bones were found here in the village of Raioli in Balasinore. These dinosaurs were named after those towns, such as Rajasaurus, Narmadesins, Rahilosaurs, Gujaratiensis, etc. Fossils were found at these places. These fossils were excavated between 1983 and 2003.
Honoring the history and heritage of Gujarat, the Honorable Chief Minister of Gujarat, Shri Vijay Rupani, inaugurated the new Informatics Center and Museum at Rayoli village in Balasinore, about 100 km from Gandhinagar.

Balasinor Dinosaur Fossil Park in Ahmedabad

The journey of the dinosaurs from their origin to the destruction of the museum is beautifully described. The museum also displays of dinosaurs' habitat, their habits, food, and their characteristics. This museum is equipped with a time machine, 5D theater, 3D film. Through these theaters and films, one would glimpse the Mesozoic era from 230 million to 63 million years ago. There are also impressive monuments and souvenir shops. In the museum, a giant statue of Rajasaurus, Narmadaensis is placed on display. Apart from this, the development of Earth will also be displayed here. 40 statues have been exhibited in the museum, which will highlight different facts related to the dinosaurs of the bygone era. These patterns have been drawn from careful studies done by fossil scientists in the last few years. The Fossil Park Development Society has been established to maintain and maintain this ultra-modern museum.

Balasinor Dinosaur Fossil Park in Ahmedabad

The museum is spread over a 25 thousand square feet radius. 10 galleries have been erected in the basement and ground floor of the museum, which will offer a variety of displays through films and exhibitions. A special 3D film has been prepared on Rajasaurus and Narmadaensis. In other galleries, a wide display of dinosaurs, fossils and many other features of dinosaurs from India and Gujarat have been introduced. The state government will not only cater to the needs of information givers regarding dinosaurs and their fossils but will also introduce Dino Fun in Kids Area for children, which is quite interactive and surprising. In the central hall of the museum, a replica of the dinosaur's habitat has been erected. On coming here, you will feel as if you have reached the age of more than 65 million years.

Balasinor Dinosaur Fossil Park in Ahmedabad

Despite being on the global map for more than two decades, people know very little about Gujarat. The state has taken an important initiative to make the world aware of those facts, to find out how Gujarat became the world's third-largest fossil site. It has the second largest number of dinosaur eggs in the world. The museum aims to introduce audiences to the entire history, from the origins of dinosaurs to their existence. Apart from this, there will be many displays on the habitat, habits, their food and other characteristics of dinosaurs. This museum will go a long way to calm guests' curiosity about dinosaurs.

Balasinor Dinosaur Fossil Park in Ahmedabad

Gujarat is home to Indroda Dinosaurs and Fossil Park is located in Ahmedabad, where the second largest number of dinosaur eggs are found in the world. The state forest department started plantation and renovation work in 1970. It is also known as the Jurassic Park of India. It is spread over an area of ​​428 hectares. It also has several other divisions such as the Dinosaur Department and the Fossil Department, which include eggs ranging in size from duck eggs to cannonballs. Fossil scientists believe that these eggs are more than 65 million years old. It is believed that the park and the area around the park have been home to giant creatures.

Balasinor Dinosaur Fossil Park in Ahmedabad

Life-size statues of these giant creatures are installed in the museum. A snake fossil is also displayed here, which eats dinosaur eggs for the guests' interest. A skeleton of a 3.5-meter snake can also be seen in the museum, which survives on the eggs of sauropods, a variety of dinosaurs. This is probably the first evidence of the food habits of the primitive snake fossil.

Balasinor Dinosaur Fossil Park in Ahmedabad

Charges :

·        Up to 5 yrs free
·        5-12 yrs 15.00 INR
·        12 yrs 30.00 INR
·        Bikes parking 15.00 INR
·        Car parking 30.00 INR

Timing : 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Monday closed)

so my friends please go and visit Gujarat's New Dinosaur Informatics Center and Museum I sure you enjoy that place and astonished about dinosaur history.

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