What is Slow traveling

We all are doing some routine duties in individual life, some time got frustrated form doing the same thing and watching the same places around, the same type of people. so after all we need a break and this break is in the form of traveling.

but now days traveling is become like you are riding on a wild horse who running here and there without any aim. so you really want this type of break, wake up on holidays early to get a train or any other public or private vehicle to visit some places, go there take some photos or shelfies send it on facebook or Instagram. moving round and round at the last in the evening you got so tried.

Now tell me you want this type of relaxation or you want to take one beautiful mountain view hotel room wake up early in the morning, do meditation among the nature of beauty, listen to nature music like the sound of birds, the voice of flowing river. you feel the heat of sunlight which fills you from real life. take a cup of coffee surrounded by mountain or jungle.

so now let's see what is slow traveling…….

slow traveling
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Slow travel can mean renting a cottage or apartment for a week at a time and exploring your immediate surroundings on foot or by car.

First of all, fix the time during travel, and don’t be in hurry focus only on what you want to do, not on more to do. 

Wherever you go, just transform yourself according to that place. The one common holiday can change your life’s experience. If you meet the local person of that place you can understand that place more effectively.

slow traveling
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 In slow traveling, you can get all type of experience and you can enjoy that place.

From vendors or the other persons, you can talk about their achievements.

By meeting the local person, you can know and understand their lifestyle.

You are doing something special and new from your daily schedule. You enjoy every fraction of moments.

In slow traveling, you are doing nothing but you are on the rest.

slow traveling
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This is not slow traveling

Make a record time and more places in a short time are not slow traveling.

Travel 7 new cities in 1 week of the holiday are not slow traveling.

 It doesn’t mean that you won’t use a high-speed train during slow travel but you can save your time by using that facility.

Slow travel doesn’t mean that you won’t visit fast pace cities.

Benefits of slow traveling

 If you find the kitchen during your slow travel, then you can make food on your own, so that you can reduce the food expenses. If you stay for a long time at one place then you can get a discount.

slow traveling
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You will get some relaxation from your busy life in slow traveling.

You can get an opportunity to start your day with ease. Almost 1 the week is enough but if you stay for 2 weeks then you can understand that place better and local people’s lifestyle.

slow traveling
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 Most of the people travel to learn something but it takes time to do so, you can do that by staying at one place for a long time.

Transportation the expense will automatically reduce in slow traveling, as you are staying in one place only.

slow traveling
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so my "Travel tukdi" friends think different and enjoy your slow traveling 


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