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No Traveling in Corona

No Traveling in Corona To avoid the danger of coronavirus, the government has advised people not to travel. But sometimes traveling due to office or other tasks becomes extremely important. In such a situation, caution is the only way to prevent this epidemic. Let us know what precautions we should take while traveling. Avoid traveling if you are sick According to the World Health Organization , if you have fever, cough, cold and difficulty in breathing, avoid traveling. Traveling in such a situation carries the risk of spreading the virus. See a doctor and get the tests done if necessary. Follow every instruction given by the doctor. Keep a meter gap When talking to someone who has symptoms of cold and cough, keep a distance of about one to three meters. The coronavirus caused by sneeze and cough can go up to two feet while alive in the air. The distance between people is very small during the journey, so the risk of spreading the infection is high. Do