Top 10 most dangerous roads in India

Top 10 most dangerous roads in India

Top 10 most dangerous roads in India

India is a country of travel destination but as we know that most important is journey than the destination but what happens when the journey is on from  one of the "Top 10 most dangerous roads in India". everybody feel scary and thrill I think every travel lover like this type of feeling with full of adventure.

so today we are going to talk about Top 10 most dangerous roads in India

1. Zoji La Pass

Top 10 most dangerous roads in India

If a blink of an eye can bring a vehicle straight down from a height of 3,538 meters! Zoji La Pass is one of the most feared roads in the country as it is horrifically narrow and snow is covered in mud during bad weather. While going from Srinagar to Leh, you will come on this route. This pass goes on a dangerous route between Ladakh and Kashmir.

2. Neral-Matheran Road

Top 10 most dangerous roads in India

This serpent-like road, which runs from Neral to Matheran, is smooth like butter. But you cannot drive fast due to its narrowness. If you do not want to drive it, there are many tourist taxis that keep tourists safe till Matheran.

3. Leh-Manali Highway

Top 10 most dangerous roads in India

Driving on this route is a huge pain because the highway is always traffic and you walk slowly. When the snow-laden road melts, many trucks and four-wheelers suffer irreparable damage.

4. Three-level Zig Zag Road

Top 10 most dangerous roads in India

Located in Sikkim, these spiral roads make for the most beautiful scenery. 11,200 feet above sea level, this road will give you the best view of the Himalayan crown. Winding roads will send your head in a circle, even if you are sitting on the backseat. A special permit is required to pass you on this road, as the road is not for the faint-hearted!

5. Khardung La Pass

Top 10 most dangerous roads in India

Under close inspection of the army, this pass is covered with hairpin turns, in which the most experienced maneuvers will be frightened. The Khar Khardungla Pass gives you the entrance to the Nubra Valley and is closed annually from October to May due to harsh conditions.

6. Rajmachi Road

Top 10 most dangerous roads in India

There is a crowd of trekkers and bikers on the gravel road situated in the Sahyadris mountain. The path becomes slippery during the monsoon, making it difficult for riders to ride on it.

7. Kinnaur Road

Top 10 most dangerous roads in India

The road to Kinnaur will amaze you with its drive hanging on the cliffs and the dark narrow pores. One small mistake, and you will splash into the BSP river which will take you no time to swallow. The valley road remains closed during heavy snowfall. If you ever get a chance to go through this route, please take extra care around the dangerous Taranda envelope. Kuike is the most dangerous here.

8. Valparai Tirupati ghat

Top 10 most dangerous roads in India

It is not easy to reach the most crowded temple on earth. Tirupati has a ghat which is quite risky and prone to accidents. You have to be extra careful while passing through a bend and have an abundant turn on the road.

9. Changla Pass

Top 10 most dangerous roads in India

While passing through this route, the drivers experience breathlessness and nausea. Chang La remains snow-covered throughout the year and is guarded by the military due to its proximity to the Chinese border. It is advised to carry extra warm clothes and a medical kit, as the winds and climate can be extremely harsh.

10. Munnar Road

Top 10 most dangerous roads in India

Like the Neral-Matheran road, Munnar Road also has hairpin turns and high slopes. The sweet aroma of fresh tea leaves will flow through your drive, but you'll be disturbed by careless drivers who drive on smooth passes as if it's a motorbike runway!
after talking about this type of Top 10 most dangerous roads in India I want to give you some important road safety tips while you are driving through the above roads.

Most important Road safety tips

While being on the road, road safety is very important and must be known by everyone because the main cause of death is becoming a road accident. Everyone should know about traffic rules and safety rules from their early times so that they can adopt a protective behavior in later life. Here are some road safety rules:

  • All those walking on the road should walk on their left side, especially the driver and the vehicle coming from the other side should be allowed to go.
  • The driver should keep the speed slow while driving on the road.
  • Take more care when walking on more busy roads and road junctions.
  • Two-wheelers should wear good quality helmets or else they should not come on the road without helmets.
  • Keep the speed of the train up to the prescribed limit, especially in the areas of school, hospital, colony, etc.
  • All vehicles should be kept a fixed distance from other vehicles.
  • All the people walking on the roads should be well aware of the markings and rules made on the road.
  • Keep in mind the rules and regulations of road safety during travel.

Dear readers stay safe and enjoy journey.


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