All that you want to know about Paris

All that you want to know about Paris

All that you want to know about Paris


Is it safe to visit Paris?

I think you are going to plan a trip of Paris and you have one question that  Is it safe to visit Paris?  so I am going to tell you that Yes it’s totally safe. All the French tell you the same. Those descriptions you see in the news are the same images passed around and around but they occurred only in a very precise part of Paris and in a very specific day. The other days you could calmly get around in Champs Elysées without any problem. If you’re adventurous you can even go and see how it is, if you don’t search for problems you can perfectly go and see the protests without any danger. But if you don’t want to be bothered by the protests I would recommend you to take advantage of the weekend for going out of Paris:

·         At 1 or 2 hours in train/car you can go to visit the Castles of Loire Valley
·         At 3 to 4 hours you can go to Saint Malo, to Mont St Michel
·         At 2 to 3 hours in TGV you can go to Bordeaux or Nantes
·         At 3 to 4 hours in TGV you can go to Marseille

I could go on and on…
So don’t worry. go to Paris and enjoy its beauty.

When’s the best time of year to go to Paris?

Watch out for April. It’s true the chestnuts are in blossom that month, but rain and cold are also on the menu and are a bit hard to take.
May, June, and July is all a good time to visit.
In August it is often surprisingly cool. Parisians gripe about ‘a spoiled summer’ each year that this occurs, but if you can’t tolerate the heat of summer Paris is a good refuge in August.
September can also, be rather rainy and cool, but for the Parisians, it’s a great month, ‘la rentree’ (the ‘return’) as the French call it, when most Parisians are just back from vacation, are relaxed for a change, proud of their acquired tans, and still smiling and happy.
From October to the end of April, skip Paris. You won’t like Paris’ special blend of high humidity cold and dark days.

April in Paris is a mixed bag. Yes, the chestnuts are in blossom, as the song promises, but you are likely to be rained on and shivering while enjoying them. The song ‘April in Paris’ has probably ruined more honeymoons than any other song in history.

Top 10 places to visit Paris

Paris is one of popular tourist destinations, with over millions of foreign visitors per year. The famous landmarks as the Eiffel Tower, the City of Light offers a wealth of other breathtaking, graceful and majestic marvels to behold.
1 – Eiffel Tower
All that you want to know about Paris

The Eiffel Tower is Paris’s mainly famous landmark and one of the most familiar structures in the world. Visited by more than millions of people each year, it is the most visited entrance-paying monument on the planet. The 300-meter-tall (984 ft.) the tower was meant to last only for the duration of the World Exhibition in 1889.
2. The Louvre – Top Museums in Paris
All that you want to know about Paris

It is one of the most art museums in the world, with envoy examples from almost every society on Earth. Nearly 33,000 substance from the 6th century to the 19th century are displayed over an area of 66,000 square meters It exemplifies traditional French architecture since the Renaissance, and it houses a magnificent collection of ancient and Western art. Among these pieces of art are the famous Mona Lisa, the Venus de Milo and the Winged Victory of Samothrace.
3 – Pantheon Paris
All that you want to know about Paris

Sitting atop Mont Sainte Geneviève, it looks out over the entire city. Once a church, today it is a mausoleum where martyrs and illustrious Frenchmen are buried. This is a vast neoclassic building, modeled on the Pantheon in Rome. It has a massive portico of Corinthian columns façade surmounted by a huge dome and a very ornate marble interior.
4 – Palais Garnier
All that you want to know about Paris

The comfortable Palais Garnier is one of the majority famous opera houses in the world, partly due to its use as the setting for “The Phantom of the Opera” novel. The building is of exceptional opulence, vast and rich decorated with velvet and gold leaf. Some of its famous features include the gold Grand Foyer with its innumerous chandeliers, the 30m/98ft-marble Grand Staircase and the auditorium’s magnificent chandelier, which weighs more than six tons.
5 – Moulin Rouge
All that you want to know about Paris

The Moulin Rouge is the most famous cabaret in the world. Built-in 1889, it is a legendary Parisian landmark marked by the famous red windmill on its roof. The sumptuous shows are full of feathers, rhinestones, sequins, and beautiful girls.
6 – Galeries Lafayette Paris
All that you want to know about Paris

It houses the most prestigious names in fashion, jewelry, cosmetics and home decoration. Housed in a dramatic Art Nouveau building, this 10-story French department worth the visit even if you don’t mean to shop. when a huge Christmas tree is placed under the famous colored glass dome, and wonderful lights decorate the store inside and out.
7-Grand Palais-Galeries Nationales - Museum in Paris

All that you want to know about Paris

The Grand Palais was built in only three years and is best known for its gigantic glass rooftop, which is the greatest in Europe. It is right now the biggest existing ironwork and glass structure on the planet: an excellent mix of a classicist stone exterior, craftsmanship nouveau ironwork, and glass. The structure is isolated into three unmistakable territories: an occasion corridor, the Nef du Grand Palais, a science exhibition hall, the Palais de la Découverte, and a working lobby, the Galeries Nationales du Grand Palais.
 8 – Arc de Triomphe

All that you want to know about Paris

The Arc de Triomphe is one of the most well-known landmarks in Paris and the second biggest triumphal curve on the planet. It is situated toward the finish of the Champs-Elysées, one of the most acclaimed roads on the planet, and in the Place Charles de Gaulle, an enormous roundabout square from which 12 boulevards exude. It praises the individuals who battled and kicked the bucket for France in the French Revolutionary and the Napoleonic Wars.

9 – Palace of Versailles

All that you want to know about Paris

The glorious Palace of Versailles was the official home of the French lords from 1682 until 1790. The Palace and its wonderful conventional nursery turned into a model of the perfect illustrious living arrangement for over a century in Europe. Its most prominent highlights include: the showy rooms, the Hall of Mirrors, the Royal Chapel, the Queen's room, the Geometric Garden, and the Latona Fountain.

10-The Pompidou Center – Museum in Paris 
All that you want to know about Paris

The Center Pompidou houses Europe's most significant exhibition hall of current workmanship, the Musée National d'Art Moderne, and one of the world's most huge craftsmanship displays. Totally centered around present-day and contemporary creation, it broke with shows by setting shaded utilitarian components, for example, elevators, water pipes and cooling to the outside of the structure, liberating inside space for the showcase of fine arts.

Top 10 planned lodgings (Places) to remain in Paris

1. Delicate inn (first-time guests must attempt this lodging)

2. Lodging Home Moderne (The best experience I had here)

3. Hôtel de la Herse d'Or (Super worth lodging)

4. Inn Des Arts Montmartre (Very reasonable)

5. Inn de la Porte Doree (Super reasonable)

6. Inn du Printemps (Awesome feel)

7. Le Marais - Known for its tight boulevards and energetic nightlife

8. Holy person - Germain-des-pres - neighborhood vibe with chic bistros and exhibitions.

9. Montparnasse - experience the genuine Paris as local people do

10.Champs-Elysees - an upscale neighborhood with extravagance convenience


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