Diwali special cities to visit in India

Diwali special cities to visit in India

Diwali special cities to visit in India

Diwali is the festival of lamps. In such a situation, every city and village shines with light so all are Diwali special cities to visit in India. Then why are we asking you to watch Diwali of some special cities? If some similar thoughts are coming in your mind, then let us tell you that the style of celebrating Diwali in these cities is slightly different, so if you get a chance in life, then definitely go to see the Diwali of these cities. So let us know which are the cities whose Diwali is very special.

Diwali special Gujarat

Diwali special cities to visit in India

During Diwali, preparations begin in Gujarat 15 days before that. Firstly, the markets get crowded. Children go to buy new clothes with their parents. Women get involved in home decoration and 15 days before cleaning the house, after that, they make all the sweets and make different kinds of namkeen at home.

Now it is the beginning of Diwali. The festival has come and the festival has started. Yes, the lighting of lamps starts in Gujarat from the day of Wagh Baras. The lamps are lit in front of each house. Festivals start from this day to ten days. On that day, merchants settle all their old accounts and start new ones. Then comes Dhanteras. On the day of Dhanteras, there is Lakshmipujan in every house and the mother is offered fifty-six sacrifices. All the householders gather and worship Maa Lakshmi. May the grace of Maa Lakshmi always remain on her, wishing her.

Then comes Kali Chaudas. On that day, fried oil is definitely made in every house in Gujarat. Whom the quarrel calls. It is said that by doing this, the bad air from the house is a moral caste and peace is established. Tantric methods are also performed on this day by tantrikas in many places.

Then comes Diwali, which every human is eagerly waiting for. On the day of Diwali, the market is decorated like a bride. Special Diwali worship is done in big companies. There is an atmosphere of happiness all around. The night also glows like a day. From child to elder, all the crackers are seen bursting. There is a rangoli in every courtyard. The whole house is illuminated with the light of lamps. Different types of sweets are eaten.

Now comes the new day of Gujaratis on its second day. In the morning all the people get up early and get ready. Wearing new clothes, first go to the temple to seek the blessings of God. After that, we take blessings from the elders and then go to each house to meet the relatives and congratulate the New Year and sweeten each other with sweets. All the shops in the market are closed in Gujarat from New Year to Pancham. On that day, there is a festive atmosphere throughout Gujarat. This method of congratulating each other goes on for about 15 days.

Diwali special Varanasi

Diwali special cities to visit in India

Diwali is celebrated in Varanasi in an amazing way. And the most special thing is that along with Diwali, a series of diyas are also organized here on the day of Dev Diwali, which looks very beautiful to see. When the lamps are decorated in more than 100 ghats of the whole city, it is very captivating to see this scene. After Ganga bath in the morning, you will get a glimpse of the beauty of this city by shopping for sweets throughout the day and taking a trip to the Ganges in the evening.

Diwali special Amritsar

Diwali special cities to visit in India

In Amritsar, two festivals are celebrated simultaneously on the day of Diwali. Therefore, on this day, the aura of the Golden Temple is seen. On the day of Diwali, Sikhs celebrate Bandhi Chodu Day which is celebrated in the joy of coming home to Sikh Guru Hargobind Singh. On this day special kirtan is also held in the Golden Temple, which is very nice to hear. So never miss a chance to see the Golden Temple on Diwali.

Diwali special Purushwadi, Maharashtra

Diwali special cities to visit in India

Purushwadi is a small village on the hillside along the Mumbai-Nashik highway. Apart from the firecrackers and noise, the style of celebrating Diwali in this small village is a little different. Here the entire villagers burn bonfires and cook food at night. Children sing the regional song here and ask for oil from house to house in their diyas.

Diwali special Udaipur

Diwali special cities to visit in India

If you get a chance, you can also go to see the Diwali of Udaipur. When the reflection of the entire shining city in the city of lakes is reflected, the view is very amazing. If you are fond of photography then this is your chance to take beautiful pictures of this city.

Diwali special Ujjain

Diwali special cities to visit in India

Diwali of Ujjain, the city of Mahakal, is famous all over the country. On this occasion, from the markets here, the view of the banks of the Mahakal temple and the river Kshipra is made. A few days before Diwali, it looks bright here. There are many lyric concerts with special worship in the temple.

Diwali special Haridwar

Diwali special cities to visit in India

On the day of Diwali, the beauty of Haridwar, one of the main pilgrimage of Hindus, is seen on its own. After the Ganga Aarti at dusk, the sight of the lamps burning on the ghats is very beautiful. You can spend a good time sitting on the banks of the ghat after attending Ganga Aarti on Diwali.

Diwali special Kolkata

Diwali special cities to visit in India

Everyone knows about the Durga Puja of Kolkata, but hardly you will know that even during the time of Diwali there is a lot of beauty. In most parts of the country, Lakshmi Mata is worshiped on this day, while the mother Kali is worshiped in Kolkata.

The view in the Kali temples of Kolkata on Diwali is worth visiting. It is so crowded that there is no place to put on the foot. Mother's aarti is celebrated in full swing in the evening. You can take part in Kali Puja this time to make your Diwali memorable.

Diwali special Banaras

Diwali special cities to visit in India

Shiva's city of Banaras is also special during Diwali in many ways. On this day the entire city is decorated like a bride. The view that you will get to see here on Diwali will not be seen anywhere in India. Here you can enjoy Ganga Aarti along with fireworks. It is said that once you see the sight of Ganga Aarti here, you will remember it for life. Apart from this, if you are fond of sweets and food, then you also have a lot of options for this.

Humans are very fond of festivals and when it comes to Diwali, do not ask. Today, the festival of Diwali is celebrated very enthusiastically throughout India. Be it Hindus or Muslims, Sikhs or Christians. India is one, it is seen in such festivals. so now plan to Diwali special cities to visit in India.

My request to all my readers Safety is the first priority for our family and for an environment so save the environment by avoiding crackers and enjoy pollution-free Diwali.

Happy Diwali 


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