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What is Ahmedabad Heritage Tour

Ahmedabad Heritage Tour - An Introduction to the Ancient City Like Delhi and Hyderabad, there is an ancient city in Ahmedabad, which is still living in the same period of ancient times. So now " What is  Ahmedabad Heritage Tour"? It is An Introduction to the Ancient City. These ancient places take you back to the old times when these cities were being newly constructed and where they were slowly developing. These areas have their own special identity which is evident from the environment there. The biggest feature of Ahmedabad is the housing system of this ancient city which makes it unique. Diverse communities live independently here, but they are still tied together. Every day, the heritage journey of Ahmedabad is organized by the AhmedabadMunicipal Corporation , which takes you to the old parts of the city. They have become very adept at this task while organizing these trips for years. What is Heritage Walk Ahmedabad? Ahmedabad  was founded by

Most Popular and famous festivals in India

Most Popular and famous festivals in India   India is a country of festivals. Many festivals come here every month which are celebrated with great enthusiasm but today we will talk about Very Popular and famous festivals in India . India is a country on the path of secularism, hence the festivals associated with every religion and creed are celebrated by everyone here. The importance of festivals is very much in human life. Month wise festival list in India Month Festival January Makar Sakranti January Pongal February Basant Panchami March Maha Shivratri March Holi April Baisakhi April Bihu June Eid Ul Fitr July Hemis August Rakshabandhan August Janmashtmi September Onam September Ganesh Chaturthi September Navratri October Durga Puja October Dussehra