Top tourist places in Australia in 2020

Shining sand, blue stretches of ocean, and spectacular weather or jungle amidst the jumping kangaroos or the colorful Barrier Reef, one of the seven natural wonders of the world, made in the exciting water world or on the sea Watching a show in the best opera house ... And if we say that there is no one thing about your dream, only the dream can come true when you visit Top tourist places in Australia in 2020.

Top tourist places in Australia in 2020

Yes, don't be surprised! Australia is more beautiful than your dreams. Here you will get what you never thought. That is why they say 'There is nothing like Australia'.
Australia is one of the most interesting countries in the world. A special reason for this is its distinct culture and nature. The entire area of ​​the country extends from the island to the mainland and the desert to the dense forests, which is also home to many unique animals and trees. At the same time, the country's urban areas are quite grand and attractive.
so now you think that then "Which are top tourist places in Australia?????"
Here we are going to journey of famous tourist destinations in Australia.


Top tourist places in Australia in 2020

Here is the natural beauty of Tasmania Island, the world's largest sand island. I think Tasmania is first in Top tourist places in Australia. Far from the runaway life of the city and naturally rich Tasmania is one of the best places to spend a holiday. Its history and culture here are very rich. From the magnificent beaches to the mountains and lakes, there is a lot to see here. Tasmania is a favorite place for amateurs for wolf life. Here they exist all historical places, when Tasmania used to be the biggest prison for British criminals

Cable Beach

Top tourist places in Australia in 2020

Top tourist places in Australia in 2020

Cable Beach is the most popular destination located in Broome, Western Australia. This beach is known for white sand. If you want to see the sun sinking while enjoying the beach, then Cable Beach is the best place. Another specialty of this beach is that tourists here ride camels on the beach.

Fraser Island

Top tourist places in Australia in 2020

You will be floored to see the beauty of the world's largest sand island Fraser. This is a cool destination, your fatigue will come down here. This time, whenever you plan a tour of Australia, do not forget to visit Fraser Island.

Great Ocean Road

Top tourist places in Australia in 2020

The Great Ocean Road in Victoria is counted among the beautiful places of Australia. Many famous wildlife parks will be found along this road. Also if you want to see kangaroo then you can take a long drive on this road.

Purnulu National Park

Top tourist places in Australia in 2020

Purnulu National Park, located in Western Australia, is Australia's most unique tourist spot. This place is known for orange and black stones. Although it falls in a very remote area, there is little tourist movement here, but if you want to see something interesting, then you can visit this National Park.

Blue Mountain National Park

Top tourist places in Australia in 2020

Blue Mountain National Park is located in New South Wales, about 80 km from Sydney. If you want to see nature closely then this place is absolutely perfect. Cycling in the mountains here is a different experience. Apart from this, if you want to do rock climbing, then that facility is also available.

Great barrier reef 

Top tourist places in Australia in 2020

The Great Barrier Reef spans 2,300 kilometers off the Queensland coast. It is the largest coral reef system in the world present in the Coral-Sea, which itself consists of 2,900 reefs and 940 islands. It is home to 1,500 species of fish, 411 types of hard coral and 134 species of sharks and razas. One-third of the world's soft coral is also present here. It is also home to seven such species of sea turtles and 30 types of marine mammals in the world, which are on the verge of extinction.

Magnetic Island 

Top tourist places in Australia in 2020

The Magnetic Island of Australia is a tourist attraction. Two-thirds of the island in front of Townsville is National Park. There are different shades of wildlife here. There are many settlements of bears. Also, kangaroos can also be seen in their natural habitat. Along with this, there are beaches to attract tourists, where seabirds and fishes can be seen.

Kangaroo Island

Top tourist places in Australia in 2020

It is the third-largest island in Australia. Once the island was occupied by Aborigines, the original population here disappeared. It resettled here in the 19th century. The economy of this island is mainly based on agriculture. Here bears, kangaroos, dolphins, penguins, whales, eagles, and all such creatures can be seen closely.


Top tourist places in Australia in 2020

It is a small city in Australia with all the possibilities of tourism. The cable car running from here to Kunrada passes over Vanvarsha (Rainforest), from where you can see the best view of the forest and the waterfall there. Along with this, the National Park is also one of the famous places, which has the highest species of plants.


Top tourist places in Australia in 2020

Sydney is the entry point for most people visiting Australia. Equipped with modern amenities, the city has Opera House, Darling Harbor with numerous shopping malls and museum attractions. In addition, the zoo and the beach are also well-liked. At the same time, the view of the entire city can be seen from the Sydney tower present here.

Kakadu National Park 

Top tourist places in Australia in 2020

Kakadu near Darwin is one of Australia's most beautiful national parks. The park is famous for a variety of wildlife and ancient paintings along with many native plants. It extends 200 km from the beach to the south and 100 km from east to west. It is home to around 500 tribal groups and is included in World Heritage Sites.

now you think about "Best Months to Visit Australia"

Seasons in Australia are opposite to those in the Northern Hemisphere, with summer from December through February, and winter from June through August. The exact type of weather you'll experience depends largely on the region.

the second question came in mind is about "Public Transportation"

Top tourist places in Australia in 2020

so my friend don’t worry about that there are a lot of services available in Australia like Commuter rail, Trams and light rail, Inter-state rail services, buses, etc.. so you can travel the city to city without any transportation difficulty.

if you want to see nature island beauty, jumping kangaroo and another stunning thing then doesn’t wait for ant thing start planning to visit  Top tourist places in Australia.

I hope this will help you with your travel planning and you enjoy your Australia trip.


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