Space Tourism, Childhood dream to touch the moon

Hey…friends I know everyone wants to do something different and recognized in his/her group for own satisfaction so what about to travel in space I know in the first view its look unrealistic but I tell you Space Tourism will possible incoming of years.   

Space Tourism
artist concept of mars colony 
Traveling to space & admire the beauty of the earth and other beauties is something we all dreamed about in our childhood, but we didn’t end up being an astronaut, before going forward we need to understand what space holds and why it is so beautiful? space is a very vast place with darkness and full of mysteries, it consists of galaxies, planet, dust and other heavenly bodies expect it beauties space is also scary place, it's a very magical place. so is there any chance for us non-astronaut guys to travel in space?

Space Tourism
blue origin
what if I tell you there is a chance for people like us to go in space, in today's blog I will tell you how can you do it. to travel space of course you need to have your pockets full of money. maybe it is costly for now but I'm sure that in near future the rates will drop down and soon everyone will be able to travel in space at a very low cost.
companies like SpaceX, Virgin galactic & blue origin are making efforts to make traveling to space easy. the aim of these companies is to low down the cost. SpaceX is halfway to that. SpaceX has recently launched its Falcon Heavy rocket twice this year. The rocket is a very good example of launching stuff into space. The company is currently developing is starship vehicle which will be capable of traveling moon, mars & beyond.  but after all this reduced cost, what would be the cost of one ticket to moon and mars. The estimated value given by company's CEO Elon musk is 500,000$ it says if you don’t like mars you can come back to earth for "free". (it's just an estimated value the final one could be different)

Space Tourism
if you once buy the ticket you will have to go under an astronaut training and you will be medically diagnosed in order to travel to space. recently Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa bought his to ticket to the moon onboard SpaceX's starship.  Maezawa will take along six to eight artists from across the world on this journey of a lifetime—these could include a photographer, a dancer, a painter, a novelist, a fashion designer, an architect, a dancer or even a filmmaker. “These artists will be asked to create something after they return to Earth, and these masterpieces will inspire the dreamer within all of us,” Maezawa said.

Space Tourism
blue moon
Richard Branson's company virgin galactic  recently completed its first successful flight to space. one another billionaire Jeff Bezos the founder of  Amazon has a blue origin.  Jeff Bezos just unveiled a giant lunar-landing vehicle created by his rocket company blue origin it is called 'blue moon' Jeff stated that Lander is capable of delivering  multiple payloads on the moon's surface eventually the goal of establishing  what the company calls a "sustained human presence" on the moon.

Space Tourism
So my friends some big entrepreneurs are working on it and they also got success so be ready for space tourism.


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