Leh Ladakh tour india's best place to visit

Although going to Ladakh is pleasant in any season, but the matter of monsoon is something else. Despite being a desert, Ladakh could not remain untouched by the effects of rain. Greenery is seen everywhere. Seeing this, no one can even guess that not even a leaf can be seen in winter. Ladakh looks different in every season. If you go in winter, this red and bright monstrosities made in Ladakh covered with a white sheet will welcome you with warmth like a burning fire that's why Leh Ladakh tour India's best place to visit. In the rainy month, Ladakh will be seen wrapped in green velvet.

Leh Ladakh tour india's best place to visit

Leh Ladakh Weather: 16 °C, Wind W at 5 km/h, 54% Humidity

The most beautiful weather of the year
At the same time, the road to Ladakh also opens as soon as summer comes, it is even more pleasant to go to Ladakh. The journey to reach Ladakh is as beautiful as possible. This is a pleasant journey that every traveler wants to do once in life as a road trip. This route becomes very dull as soon as the monsoon arrives. Looks like nature has wiped everything. The best views of nature like arms are waiting for you. Crossing the beautiful plains of Sonamarg from Delhi to Kashmir and Kashmir, passing through the Zojila pass, leaving Dras and Kargil behind when they reach Leh.

 Leh city has a lot to see

Leh Ladakh tour india's best place to visit

Leh city is known as the highest altitude desert city. You can also say that if Ladakh is the roof of the world, then Leh is Ladakh's heart. A small but perfect city in the shape of a bowl. The bowl is because Leh is surrounded by the peaks of the mountains. And in the middle of the valley, Leh seems like a bowl. There is a lot to see here. Such as Shanti Stupa, Leh Palace, Old Town Bazaar, Thiksey Monastery, etc.

Shanti stupa

Leh Ladakh tour india's best place to visit

As soon as the name of Leh city comes in the mind, that white dome which is surrounded by blue and gray mountains under a blue sky. This is the Shanti Stupa. Built-in 1991 by Gomayo Nakamura, a Japanese monk under the Peace Pagoda Mission. Today people from all over the world come to see this beautiful pagoda. It is built on a mountain top, five kilometers from Leh City. The height of which is 11,841 feet above sea level. The view of Leh city from here is amazing. This stupa is more beautiful in the night than it is in the daytime. Stupa decorated in colorful lights under blue and bright clear sky looks very beautiful.

Leh Palace

Leh Ladakh tour india's best place to visit

This beautiful palace, built on the lines of the Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet, was built by King Seungi Namgyal of the Kingdom of Ladakh in the 17th century. Nine storeys high this palace is still witnessing to the pride and passion of Ladakhi royal family. There is a huge museum in which some rare items of Ladakh Dynasty have been preserved. The Namgyal Raj family lived here before the 19th century. In the 19th century, due to the Ladakh intrusion of the Dogra army, the Raj family had to move to the Stock Palace in the Stock Village. Today this palace is open to the public. Here, there is a chance to get familiar with the rich culture of Ladakh.

Thiksey Monastery

Leh Ladakh tour india's best place to visit

Thiksey Monastery is a magnificent monastery, 17 km from Leh City. In which a huge statue of Maitreya bhava of Mahatma Buddha is installed. The height of this statue is 49 feet. This in itself is the tallest Buddha statue in the entire region. Thiksey Monastery is a large complex in itself where many things related to the Buddhist sect can be seen. This monastery is spread over a 12-storey building, which is visible from a distance.

Stock palace

Leh Ladakh tour india's best place to visit

Stock Palace is the present residence of the Namgyal Dynasty, the royal family of Ladak. This beautiful palace built-in 1820 is a beautiful example of Ladakhi and Buddhist architecture. Everything here is preserved as a heritage. The Stock Palace was opened to the public by Shri Dalai Lama in 1980. Standing majestically at a height of 12000 feet, the Stock Palace still retains the glorious past of Namgyal Dynasty. On one side of this palace is the Zanskar Range and on the other side the great river Indus flows. The Raj family still lives in the Stock Palace and to bring people back to the culture of Ladakh and the traditions of the royal family, the King here, Mr. Jigmed Wangchuck Namgyal converted a small part of the Palace into a hotel. You can come here and spend a few days with the Raj family.

Festival celebrations in monastery

Leh Ladakh tour india's best place to visit

As the monsoon season approaches, festivals are seen in the monasteries here. There are three big Buddhist festivals in different monasteries in Ladakh in the month of July. In which one gets a glimpse of the Buddhist culture of Ladakh. The Stongdae Festival is celebrated at the Stongeday Monastery in Zanskar Region. The Hemis Festival also takes place in this month. Adorned with colorful costumes and mouthpieces, Buddhist lamas perform their traditional dances. The Stongdae Festival is celebrated at the Stongeday Monastery in Zanskar Region. The Hemis Festival also takes place in this month.

 Zanskar valley

Leh Ladakh tour india's best place to visit

If you have not seen Zanskar in Ladakh, you have not seen anything. Nature has lent this place so much beauty that there is no time in the eyes. The Zanskar Valley is named after a mountain range here. This mountain Mala connects Ladakh with Jammu and Kashmir. Part of it separates Himachal's Kinnaur and Spiti. It is also considered to be the highest mountain range of Himachal. Zanskar Valley comes under Tehsil. While Zanskar is connected to Kargil by road, Zanskar can also be reached from Himachal by crossing Singola Pass by trekking route. It is not easy to reach here, but looking at the amazing views after crossing the obstacles on the way will make you feel that the difficulties on the way are nothing. For this beautiful sight. You will forget all the fatigue in a moment. Seeing nature in such a comprehensive way is an experience that cannot be described in words.

Pangong Lake

Leh Ladakh tour india's best place to visit

If you have not seen Pangong Lake, which became famous with 3 Idiots, then it seems that the journey to Ladakh is somewhat incomplete. This spectacular lake, built at a height of 14270 feet, is famous all over the world for its blue water. 60 percent of Pangong Lake is in China and only 40 percent in India. This lake is spread over a distance of five kilometers. The water of this lake is very salty yet in winter this entire lake freezes. It takes about five-six hours from Leh to reach Pangong. This path is very beautiful and full of adventure. Many Ladakhi villages fall on this route as well as the snow-covered Changla Pass, which has a height of 17,590 feet. This is a dangerous and risky pass. It is said that it should not last more than 15 to 20 minutes after reaching the nearby peak. There, due to a lack of oxygen, people often feel bad in breathing.

Aryans Village

Leh Ladakh tour india's best place to visit

The village of the people of Alexander the Great's army is still alive here. It is said that these people are pure Aryans. But you will not believe until you see them. This village is special among many aspects. If you go to Ladakh, then definitely go here. The Aryan Villages extend to Battalik near the India-Pakistan border. It is located about 65 km from Kargil. The Aryans villages are found around the Indus River. They do not have to provide proof of their Aryan. Unlike the people of other Ladakhi villages located around these villages, these people appear to be Aryans by their appearance. Long strong girth, high cheekbones, blue eyes, and blond hair.

Today, even though they wear new fashion clothes, in their festivals you can see them in their traditional costumes. Due to being close to nature, natural things are very important in their lives. They eat vegetarian food in Marrah every day. On a particular occasion, when they offer goat sacrifices to their favorite deity, then these people consume meat. Their women are very beautiful. Due to settlements along the Indus River, these people do farming despite being a desert region. And with the blessing of the historic Indus River, the mother of many civilizations, it grows two crops a year.

Shopping-Old Town Bazaar

Leh Ladakh tour india's best place to visit

There is a small but pithy market for shopping in Ladakh called Old Town Bazaar. From here, you can purchase souvenir associated with Buddhism as well as equipment and accessories used in trekking. Due to the close border of China, Chinese goods are mixed here. It is a good place for women to shop.
Friend this is heaven for the traveler, you astonished by looking nature of beauty. My suggestion you should go once in life to "Leh Ladakh tour india's best place to visit" thank you.


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