Kashmir heaven on earth,Must in your travel list

Kashmir heaven on earth

Kashmir heaven on earth,Must in your travel list

If heaven is anywhere on the earth, then it is Kashmir.
Whenever Kashmir is mentioned, these immortal lines written by a poet will always be repeated. Kashmir is the only place that is called heaven on earth is not an exaggeration. Nestled in the lap of the Himalayas, this valley is surrounded by icy mountains. And the peculiarity of these litigants is that it is seen in every season. Be it summer or rainy or shivering winters. If you go to the plains of Kashmir during the summer season, greenery will be seen all around. You will be able to enjoy the rafting in glass-shining Lidder and Jhelum. And if you go in the rains, the magical smell of dense pine forests will make you crazy. The clouds bowed here and there will bring you to the magical world of fairies. The green fields of geese will fascinate you. And then in preparation for the winter season, you will fill your green branches with leaves of yellow, orange and vermilion colors like a painter. For a month just before the winter, the entire valley begins to glow with the golden colors of the autumn. Then comes the winter season. These lush green goose fields are already wrapped in snow sheets by snowfall. As the month of December approaches, there is heavy snowfall in many places in the valley and the entire valley is covered with a white velvet sheet of snow.

Dal Lake

Kashmir heaven on earth,Must in your travel list

As soon as the name of Kashmir comes in the picture, there are shikaras floating in Dal Lake. It is the main attraction among all the attractions of Srinagar. And why not, Hindi cinema showed Kashmir so beautifully in the movies of the 60s and 70s, that every person's dream was secretly captured that once must go to Kashmir and stop in a floating houseboat on Dal Lake. . Dal Lake has two attractions: one is to visit Nokavihar in Shikara and the other is to stay in a houseboat. Dal Lake has many categories of houseboats. From 3 star houseboats to 5-star luxury houseboats. Staying in a houseboat is like a royal experience. This houseboat hinged on the water is made from cedar treasured wood, in its interiors, fine carvings are made on pure walnut wood. A houseboat has two to three-bedroom drawings and a dining room. There is also a deck above some ultra-luxury houseboats where the sunset can be enjoyed. There is no need to go shopping while staying in a houseboat. If you want to spend your holiday with Aramtalbi, then in the morning, Kashmiri products like fresh flowers, shawls, jewelry, carpets, and saffrons will come to you in Shikara itself. Exactly in the style of Hindi films. And yet if you want to go to the market, then the floating market is made for you. You just show your desire to your houseboat, a shikara will be available to get you shopping in a dull. If you are fond of books, then there is a beautiful book store and cafe in Nehru Park in the heart of Dal.

 Mughal Gardens

Kashmir heaven on earth,Must in your travel list

After Dal, the number comes to see the terrace gardens here. This garden is proof that even today, so many years ago, our country had so much advancement in architecture and engineering. Here you get to see such beautiful use of natural resources that you will not be able to live without being praised. Chashme Shahi, Nishat Bagh and Shalimar Gardens in Srinagar offer examples of such beautiful terrace guards through which clear shuffles of water flow through them. There are very ancient trees of poplar here. Some 400 of these trees are also present. In poppy, this poplar tree turns yellow golden red. They are also called Atishe e Chinar.

 Fairy Castle

Kashmir heaven on earth,Must in your travel list

It is a very good thing in Srinagar that almost all tourist attractions are close to here. Near the Dal is the Fairy Palace, which was built by Dara Shikoh. The fairy palace built on the high mountain was originally meant for the Mughal prince to study astronomy. The view of Dal Lake looks very beautiful from here. People come to Pari Mahal to see this. Pari Mahal and Chashm-e-Shahi are nearby. First Chashm-e-Shahi will be followed by Pari Mahal. You can club both these places.


Chashme Shahi is a natural water source in which water has been flowing since eternity. People here believe that there is some spiritual power in this water, so by drinking it you are always healthy. Here is another story related to this. It is said that Chashm-e-Shahi

Our first Prime Minister also recognized the importance of water for water and from here, water was taken to Delhi for its drinking. Now there is so much truth in this matter, only the people of that time should know, but even today many such crops are alive on the tongue of the people here. There is a beautiful terrace garden built around this water source, which was built by the Mughals, hence the name of this place was Chashm-e-Shahi. Chashm means water source. It is also known as Royal Spring.

Hazrat Bal and other Sufi shrines

Kashmir heaven on earth,Must in your travel list

Kashmir has been like the gateway of Hindustan for all the people coming from Central Asia, from here, the Mughals, robbers, traders and Sufis came. Over time the robbers and traders were forgotten, but what remains is the name of God, which is mentioned in the teachings of every Sufi. Sufism spread all over India, hence there are mausoleums of many famous Sufis in the Kashmir Valley. Such as Dastagir Sahib, Maqdoom Sahib, and Hazrat Bal.
Hazrat Baal is a very beautiful structure and there is a Baal of the last Prophet Muhammad Sahib of the Muslim sect. That is why people consider this place to be a lot of problems.


Kashmir heaven on earth,Must in your travel list

It would not be wrong to call Gulmarg our own Switzerland. While in the summer, the huge greens of Gulmarg are filled with small flowers, while the snowfall in the winter is hidden somewhere under a thick sheet of snow. Here, as soon as winter comes, skiing on the mountain of Afarwat attracts enthusiasts of adventure from all over the world. You will be surprised to know that we go to Gulmarg for 1-2 days only while being Indian, while foreign tourists who are fond of skiing encamp here for months, with all their accessories. If you also want to learn skiing, then there is the country's most prestigious skiing institute - the Indian Institute of Skiing and Mountaineering.
A British-era church also exists in Gulmarg. Every year Christmas is celebrated here with great pomp.

The main attraction of Gulmarg is the Gandola Ride. Built at a height of 14000 feet, this Gandola ride will fill you with energy. A thick sheet of snow under the feet, tall tall cedar trees surrounding snow will thrill you. When everything is covered with snow in Gulmarg, then there is a lot of fun in running snow scooters. If you want to sit on the sled and enjoy the snow, then it is also provided. For a few hundred rupees, the guest Nawaz Kashmiri youth will make you roam the entire Gulmarg by sitting on the sled. The only condition is that you should make complete arrangements to avoid the cold. Gulmarg is 53 km from Srinagar.


Kashmir heaven on earth,Must in your travel list

Pahalgam is also known as Shepherd Valley. The beauty of this valley is beyond words. Here flows the beautiful river Lidder and around it is dense cedar forests behind which snow peaks. Where the ice melts and makes this river clean water. Pahalgam is also covered with a sheet of snow these days. Due to snow here, the paths are also covered, on which only tranquil trains can run. Aru Valley is slightly above Pahalgam. The specialty of this valley is the high grasslands and the dense pine forest spread around them. This valley is very quiet. Kautage of Kashmir tourism has been made to stay here, besides many homestays are also present. While Pahalgam has hotels and resorts for every budget, Aru Valley has only a few options to stay. But the peace here is very unique. The experience of filling pure air in your breath by living in a small cottage is very unique.

Pahalgam also has a desperate valley. It is a big park where people come to visit. It got its name because it was a desperate film ever shot at this place. If you like crowds, then you can stay in the hotel around the market in Pahalgam and if you want to spend your holiday in peace in the comfort of nature, then in front of the bus stand of Pahalgam, there are many beautiful small areas within a few kilometers. Small hotels and cottages remain. You can also try them. Some cottages are also built exactly on the banks of the river Lidder so that you can sit in the sun of your cottage during the day and watch the blue sparkling water in front of you.

In Pahalgam, the New Year is celebrated with great vigor. If you too are planning a holiday for your family on New Air then Pahalgam can become a memorable destination. Pahalgam is 140 km from Srinagar.

 Mattan Surya Temple

Kashmir heaven on earth,Must in your travel list

There is another temple near Pahalgam named Mattan Surya Temple. It is an ancient temple, in the midst of which flows a natural source of water, in which thousands of fish swim. Devotees who come here feed on the fish. There is a gurudwara attached to the courtyard of this temple. This gurudwara also has a great belief that Gurunanak Dev Ji once stayed here for 13 days during his visit to Kashmir.


Kashmir heaven on earth,Must in your travel list

Like Gulmarg, Yusmarg is a beautiful tourist destination of Kashmir Valley. The only difference is that there are not too many tourists here. If you want to stay close to nature and spend some time away from the hustle and bustle, then go to Yusmarg. This destination is slowly developing, so there is not too much congestion here. Rather, the way to reach here is very beautiful. If you want to see the rural life of Kashmir closely then you will see many villages on the way of Yusmarg. Here in hilly villages, people do apple orchards. This entire path is filled with orchards of apple, pomegranate, naspati, and apricot. Yusmarg is 47 km from Srinagar.


Kashmir heaven on earth,Must in your travel list

There are many shopping options in Srinagar. There is a complete market for Kashmiri handcrafted garments on Boulevard Road. You can shop from there. If you want to save a little, then go a little further from Dal Gate towards Krishna Dhaba. There are many shops in which you can buy Kashmiri goods from Kashmiri Shawl Bhandar for a reasonable amount of money.

Kashmir heaven on earth,Must in your travel list

Nuts and saffron can be purchased from Kashmir. If you are going to Pahalgam, then there is Pampore in the middle where saffron is cultivated, there are many big shops on the way from where you can buy pure saffron. A little further a cricket bat made of walnut wood is also found here. Which are very famous.

You can also buy handmade carpet from Kashmir. Here, some of the best types of carpenters are made.

Enjoy nature beauty I sure you feel heaven here no doubt.


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