India's top wedding destination

Nowadays people like to make their wedding royal, memorable for everyone so they try to find a top wedding destination in India which is affordable and create one repo among the invites. so, my friend, I am going to share you India's top wedding destination list with brief detail so you get some idea and prepare a plan for your wedding.


the royal city of Rajasthan is always famous for its attractions and historical heritage. But when it comes to marriage here, you will wonder why in Udaipur. So friends, let me tell you that if you are very impressed by the royal style or the royal tolerance, or you want your wedding to be in the royal style, this is a good opportunity for you. Wherever you are in the mango-o-Hawa of the historic city, you can also enjoy the magnificent royal taste, like a royal family wedding.


whether it be a honeymoon or a bachelor party when it comes to walking with the family, every beating of hearts is expected to go to Goa. So guys, when Goa is ahead in so many desires, then how to stay behind in the wedding. Yes, friends, you can set up a wedding on Goa beach to make your wedding memorable. Where there will be water far away and you are about to embark on a beautiful journey of life with your perfect partner.


Have you ever imagined that your wedding would be on the house boat, where all the water is around and the boat is floating at its slowest speed. If you think so a dam is right. Yes, friends, I am talking about the Kerala houseboat where you can memorialize the most beautiful moments of your life. So friends Kerala houseboat is a good option to create a wedding.


Jodhpur is the glorious royal city of Rajasthan, which is surrounded by historical activities. There is more than one royal palace, some of which have been converted into 5-star hotels. There are huge palaces like Umeed Bhavan, Mehrangarh, etc. If you also want to make your wedding memorable in some royal way, this is the best destination where you can make your wedding. Where the visiting guests will continue to wow. In addition, many dishes can be enjoyed here.

Andaman and Nicobar

blue water, luminous white sand like silver and high water all around the water. Not like a dream. So friends in this nightmare world, you can make an important decision in your life. That will make your life a pleasure. Of course, there is no need for a place or an order to get married. But if marriage is something that is always remembered it is important. So this is a good opportunity when you and your partner vow to stay together and stay happy with each other. So, guys, this is the best place you can get for the destination wedding.

Mandu (MP)

There are some beautiful places in Madhya Pradesh where you can get married. There are also some hotels that are built like palaces. In addition, there is a Famous Tourist Place Mandu, which is a favorite of many people for a wedding destination. There are many beautiful mountains and forts, which can do the job of putting four moons in your wedding. Even if your budget is not too high, you can still plan a wedding here. You need to spend Rs 25 to 30 lakh for this.

Neemrana Fort (Delhi)

If you live in Delhi NCR or its vicinity and do not want to go too far for Wedding Destination, you cannot get a better option. Located on the Delhi-Jaipur Highway, this magnificent fort will make your dream wedding very special. This historic fort of Nemarana is for all those who dream of a royal wedding. Neemramafort is especially famous for its unique architecture. And in terms of photography, this location is absolutely perfect for your destination wedding


In Shimla, people often celebrate the summer holidays, but now the city is becoming the first choice for a destination wedding because of its beautiful palaces, mountains, and snow. In the cedar-covered forests between the mountains, many magnificent resorts offer you the destination of a wedding. You also have a view of the camp, Riverside. Shimla has a grand hotel and a guest house where you can arrange for your relatives to stay. These hotels also feature Wedding Planner which prepares you for your special day without any hassle your choice and need.

I hope this will help you to find the top wedding destination in India and you and your behalf with all invites enjoy every moment of your wedding.


  1. Nice info.. I like destination wedding.. It always looks royal..


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