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Top 10 Picnic point in Mumbai, Make your weekend joyful

Hello, friends, Ganesh Chaturthi festival is now very near and as all know that it is a very important festival of Maharashtra specially in Mumbai.  It is a very dear festival of Hinduism. so my best wishes, Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to all, " GANPATI BAPPA MORYA " Today I will tell you  about  Top 10 Picnic point in Mumbai so you can make your weekend joyful  In Mumbai's crowded life, often you may want to spend the weekend at a quiet place away from the city. Therefore, whether you want to go out of town in search of adventure or spend a few moments of relaxation in the lap of nature, our list of these 10 favorite picnic spots near Mumbai will not disappoint you.   1.  Panchgani: Enjoy scenic views of nature from the finest sightseeing   Once famous as a suitable place for settlers after retirement, Panchgani has now become a prominent destination for picnics in Mumbai and Pune. Comprised of five hills and villages of the Sahyadri mountain range, Pa

Kashmir heaven on earth,Must in your travel list

Kashmir heaven on earth If heaven is anywhere on the earth, then it is Kashmir. Whenever Kashmir is mentioned, these immortal lines written by a poet will always be repeated. Kashmir is the only place that is called heaven on earth is not an exaggeration. Nestled in the lap of the Himalayas, this valley is surrounded by icy mountains. And the peculiarity of these litigants is that it is seen in every season. Be it summer or rainy or shivering winters. If you go to the plains of Kashmir during the summer season, greenery will be seen all around. You will be able to enjoy the rafting in glass-shining Lidder and Jhelum. And if you go in the rains, the magical smell of dense pine forests will make you crazy. The clouds bowed here and there will bring you to the magical world of fairies. The green fields of geese will fascinate you. And then in preparation for the winter season, you will fill your green branches with leaves of yellow, orange and vermilion colors like a painter. F

Leh Ladakh tour india's best place to visit

Although going to Ladakh is pleasant in any season, but the matter of monsoon is something else. Despite being a desert, Ladakh could not remain untouched by the effects of rain. Greenery is seen everywhere. Seeing this, no one can even guess that not even a leaf can be seen in winter. Ladakh looks different in every season. If you go in winter, this red and bright monstrosities made in Ladakh covered with a white sheet will welcome you with warmth like a burning fire that's why Leh Ladakh tour India's best place to visit . In the rainy month, Ladakh will be seen wrapped in green velvet. Leh Ladakh  Weather: 16 °C, Wind W at 5 km/h, 54% Humidity The most beautiful weather of the year At the same time, the road to Ladakh also opens as soon as summer comes, it is even more pleasant to go to Ladakh. The journey to reach Ladakh is as beautiful as possible. This is a pleasant journey that every traveler wants to do once in life as a road trip. This route becomes

India's top wedding destination

Nowadays people like to make their wedding royal, memorable for everyone so they try to find a top wedding destination in India which is affordable and create one repo among the invites. so, my friend, I am going to share you India's top wedding destination list with brief detail so you get some idea and prepare a plan for your wedding. Udaipur the royal city of Rajasthan is always famous for its attractions and historical heritage. But when it comes to marriage here, you will wonder why in Udaipur. So friends, let me tell you that if you are very impressed by the royal style or the royal tolerance, or you want your wedding to be in the royal style, this is a good opportunity for you. Wherever you are in the mango-o-Hawa of the historic city, you can also enjoy the magnificent royal taste, like a royal family wedding. Goa whether it be a honeymoon or a bachelor party when it comes to walking with the family, every beating of hearts is expected to go to Goa

India’s Most beautiful and clean city Visakhapatnam

Visakhapatnam is the only city in India that has got beautiful mountains along the coast. The blue glaze shines through the dying water and the green hills nearby make for a beautiful landscape. As if a painter had painted the canvas with his crotch. Visakhapatnam   History Visakhapatnam, also known as WiZag, is a quiet and tidy city on the coast of Coromandel . There are many stories about the Coromandel coast. They say that the correct word was Chola-Mandalam and not Koramandal. The Chola kings were ruled in this area. And this area or division was called Chola-mandalam in Tamil. But the word was difficult for the colonial merchants from France and Portugal to speak, so they called the Chola Mandalam as a corollary. Since then the coast has been renamed as Coramandal Coast. The history of this city, even before Jesus Christ, is modern in all respects. They say that this town was once a village of fishermen. Today it is the center of the Eastern Command of the Indian Na