Why travelling insurance is important ?

Hey guys I know you are a plan to visit your dream place and want to enjoy and want to collect some memorable moment of life.

I know that you are good planer that you take care of each and every aspect of your upcoming journey like…

Life straw, Universal Travel Adapter, Power Bank, E-luggage Scale, Eye Mask, Ear Plug, Inflatable Neck Pillow. Safety Locks etc…

But my friends do you think about to make your journey safe and secure. which step you have taken. did you calculate risk regarding your journey? if yes then you are smart planer and if no then this article is for you to be smart.

Travel Insurance
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I am talking about "Travelling insurance"

I tell you basic of traveling insurance is

"Insurance is the best available option to manage all your risks while traveling. You just need to spend a small amount to transfer the cost of your probable loss to the insurance company. As the name suggests, travel insurance covers all your losses which may occur while traveling."

so friend By taking out travel insurance you are essentially covering yourself against travel risks such as lost or stolen luggage, cancellation cover (should you not be able to travel due to unexpected medical reasons) and most importantly, unexpected medical costs abroad.

Top 10 Benefits of taking traveling insurance.

You need to cancel your trip

You miss your connection

Your flight is canceled

A hurricane damages your destination

A terrorist event occurs

You get sick or injured on your trip

Your baggage is delayed or lost

Your passport is lost

You need an emergency medical evacuation

Your travel company files bankruptcy

Mainly three types of traveling insurance available in the market of India

Medical insurance

Luggage insurance

Trip insurance

Medical insurance: General health insurance doesn’t protect you when you travel abroad. a good medical coverage policy would mitigate any chance of incurring a high medical cost when you are away from your home country. this cover minor to severe medical emergencies like dismemberment to dental pain and evacuation costs during your travels etc. this can help in such country where is difficult to afford medical services. 

Luggage insurance:  A typical plan includes coverage for luggage problems. it means you forget your luggage in any place or it was stolen or it is transported to any other country. then this will help you.

Trip insurance: The purpose of this insurance is to provide term life and accidental death and dismemberment protection for you and your family. This covers unexpected and sudden losses that occur because of travel or flight accidents. Some other emergency assistance benefits might cover baggage loss, evacuations, medical and dental expenses, pre-existing medical conditions and repatriation. The benefits apply while you are on a trip that is insured or during the coverage period. This type of trip insurance is ideal for frequent world travelers, particularly those who visit risky regions.

Travel Insurance
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Top 10 travel insurance company in India

How to claim travel insurance

If you have had an accident or have fallen sick due to climatic conditions, you may need to use your travel insurance.

You can get benefits such as quick treatment or emergency evacuation to the home country.

Intimate your insurer about the situation through offered missed call facilities or toll-free numbers or an email.

If the claim is acceptable under the policy, the insurer can look for facilitating cashless treatment overseas which would lead to insured not being put under financial duress.

Keep all your prescriptions, reports and payment receipts safe; provide them as defined in the claim procedure, in case of reimbursement.

 Ensure that all these documents are duly signed, dated and stamped.
In case of any accidental situation and third party involvement, you will need to submit a copy of the police report as well.

Take consent from your insurer in case of emergency evacuation, after you have a fit-to-fly consent from the treating facility overseas, for a smooth evacuation to the country of origin.

Travel Insurance
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How to claim if you Lost your passport 

You need to intimate your insurer about the loss and file a police report.

Always keep a copy of the passport with you that will be handy in scenarios like these.

You need to keep receipts of all the expenses incurred for procuring a new passport and submit these while filing for a claim after returning home.

Insurers require documents like embassy and passport office receipts, identity proofs, copy of the canceled cheque, copy of new passport and emergency travel certificate.

so friend finally I hope this "Travelling insurance" will help you plan your safe and secure traveling experience.


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