Goa, Most popular tourist destination for a honeymoon.

Goa is definitely the most romantic and unique place in India.

It is also the most popular tourist destination for a honeymoon. With the area of ​​3702 square kilometers, Goa is the smallest state in India, which is bordered by the Arabian Sea on the west coast of India. There is some magic in the clean and tidy beach of the beaches, which creates a sense of excitement and adventures in the lovers' joints. The journey of the wedding and the after-race journey makes such memorable moments that the twilight couples are always remembered.

Goa, Most popular tourist destination for a honeymoon.

A quiet beach that relaxes the mind, buzzing and exciting nightlife, candlelight dinner with seaside wine, these are some of the things that make Goa the favorite city of honeymooners. In the scuba diving, taking a dive inside the ocean, there is a few different pleasures to fly in the middle of the swirling fish, paragliding while flying in the sky in the midst of wonderful corals and colored fish swarming birds. Walking between the beautiful plaintiffs, as if walking on a motorcycle with a partner on a non-ending road, and when the sun and the ocean are being matched, in the evening, feel free to enjoy each other's hands while enjoying the sunset. A memorable moment is possible only in Goa. Live casino is legal in Goa, for which you can go to anchored yachts in the river Mandovi or to some select coastal hotels.

Goa, Most popular tourist destination for a honeymoon.

The people of Goa are very open-minded and there is no pressure or restriction on the combination of Joints. Goa is disturbed in the north and south, if you are fond of clubbing and partying, you will love the middle of Goa's northern direction. If you want to spend time with your partner in solitude and peace, then you will like the south direction, because the crowd is a little less.

To make excursions here are very attractive and charming Portuguese-style buildings and old churches. Goan's flea markets for shopping halls are a great place to extinguish your shopping thirst. There is nothing in the way of everyone's choice and no empty hands return to this colorful and beautiful world.

Goa, Most popular tourist destination for a honeymoon.

Those who are interested in local traditions and customs can enjoy homestay where they can enjoy traditional life in the peace of rural life. They can enjoy a variety of local dishes, which have roots in Portugal. Konkani style food is especially popular in sea cuisine, and no one can forget the local specialty of Goa, Feni's taste.

Have not you had an opportunity to travel to Goa yet? You also plan to enjoy its sandy beaches, friendly people, delicious dishes and gorgeous resorts, and yes, leave your mind and go to Goa only with your heart.


  1. Your article contains very much information about Goa. Really, Goa is famous for night and Day tours in India. It is a very romantic and beautiful city and perfect for a honeymoon. Thanks for sharing this article here.

  2. Thanks for sharing this article here about the Goa. Your article is very informative and useful for those who are interested to know more about the best fort in Goa. Keep sharing this type of articles here.


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